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Forensic Audio Expert Services

I am an audio forensic expert specializing in forensic analysis, enhancement, and authentication of digital audio. My work involves video and audio recordings pertaining to legal related matters for attorneys and lawfirms, law enforcement, government agencies, private citizens, and more. My goal for every digital media investigation invovles following best practices and using scientific procedures for investigating a recoridngs authenticitiy, and enhancing voices in a recording, in order to improve the listenability, inteligibility, and signal-to-noise ratio of the signal of interest in recordings.

Forensic Audio Enhancement Services

Forensic audio enhancement is the process of attenuating the unwanted noise and while preserving the signal of interest. Additionally, The audio expert uses tools that are accepted by the scientific community in order to accomplish optimum intelligibility of the audio recording.

Forensic Audio Authentication Services

The goal of forensic audio analysis and authentication is to determine a level of integrity for recorded audio evidence scientifically. There are so many tools available today to record, transcode, and alter conversations. These alterations can be very deceiving to litigators.

ALBERT J. ZLOGAR, Forensic Audio Expert

I am an audio forensic expert providing audio forensic services specializing in forensic audio enhancement, forensic audio authentication, and audio recovery of analog and digital recordings. My office is located in Brooklyn, New York, and I accept cases domestically as well as internationally. To sum up, It is my goal to use science to help the court understand the relevance of the evidence recording. Call today for a forensic audio consultation.

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