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Is your Digital Multimedia Evidence Court Ready?

Law firms often face challenges with audio and video evidence that may not be court-ready. Unreliable or poor-quality evidence can jeopardize the outcome of legal proceedings. Whether it’s inaudible dialogue, background noise, or questions about the authenticity of a recording, these issues can cast doubt in a courtroom and risk the integrity of a case. Most attorneys are not equipped to assess the quality of audio and video evidence. Many go into trials without knowing that their recordings could be significantly improved or may not be authentic.

I am an audio forensic analyst specializing in forensic analysis, enhancement, and digital audio authentication. My work involves video and audio recordings in legal matters for attorneys, law firms, law enforcement, government agencies, and private citizens. My work for clients involves following best practices outlined by the Scientific Working Group on Digital Evidence (SWGDE) and using scientific methodologies when analyzing recording’s integrity and enhancing voices in a recording to improve the listenability, intelligibility, and signal-to-noise ratio of the signal of interest in recordings.

How I can help:

  1. I meticulously analyze audio files to reduce background noise and amplify critical conversations. The clarification process ensures that your evidence is clear, audible, and impactful in court.
  2. I authenticate audio files by comparing ‘known’ and ‘unknown’ recordings, analyzing their accuracy and reliability as evidence.

By improving the quality and reliability of your audio and video evidence, you strengthen your legal case, ensuring that critical evidence is admissible and persuasive in court. Is your audio or video evidence court-ready? Don’t leave it to chance. Contact me today for a comprehensive forensic analysis that could make or break your case.

Forensic Audio Enhancement Services

Forensic audio enhancement is the process of attenuating the unwanted noise and while preserving the signal of interest. Additionally, the audio expert follows the methodologies that are accepted by the scientific community in order to accomplish optimum intelligibility of the audio recording.

Forensic Audio Authentication Services

The goal of forensic audio analysis and authentication is to examine the level of integrity of recorded audio evidence. So many tools are available today to record, transcode, and alter conversations. These alterations can be very deceiving to litigators. The forensic audio analyst examines the characteristics of the submitted audio-recorded evidence concerning the purported acoustic events as they were at the time of recording.

Forensic Video Enhancement Services

More devices than ever can create, edit, transmit and upload digital video recordings. When unforeseen events occur, chances are that a CCTV Security System may have been present in the background, recording the event of interest. However, technical complications within the video itself may interfere with your ability to understand or see the events that occurred. The process and methodology of forensic video clarification may help improve the ability to understand events in your video-recorded evidence for use in court.


LEVA Certified Forensic Video Technician & Forensic Audio Analyst

Digital multimedia evidence is prevalent in most legal matters. I assist attorneys and law firms by providing forensic audio enhancement, authentication, and analysis services for digital and analog audio recordings. My office is in Brooklyn, New York, and I accept domestic and international cases. To sum up, I follow an ethical framework and methodologies accepted in the scientific community to help the court understand and present the relevance of the evidence recording based on the events as they occurred in digital multimedia evidence.

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