Providing audio forensic authentication analysis and enhancement to help the legal community of New York understand the importance of audio recorded evidence.

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I am an audio forensic technician specializing in audio recovery,  forensic audio enhancement, and forensic audio authentication of digital recordings with over four years’ experience in the field.  I am located in Brooklyn, New York however, I accept domestically as well as internationally.

I have been trained at the University of Colorado, Denver, Center for Media Forensics by one of the best audio experts in the world.  I model my best practices after the Scientific Working Group on Digital Evidence (SWGDE).  I understand the judicial system and practice documenting all of my applications, tests and opinions.

My goal is to use science to help me produce the highest quality audio to meet the needs of my clients, who are in a wide range of sonic fields. I am currently available to help with your audio.  References available on request, pro bono consultations available by phone or video conference.


Forensic Audio Enhancement

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Forensic Enhancement Samples

Samples of forensic audio enhancement recordings. Before and after files from actual cases.

Forensic Audio Authentication

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