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A forensic audio and video expert is a professional who has training and experience in all aspects of digital media evidence. If you are reading this page, you may be in or on the verge of litigation. I follow forensic audio and video analysis best practices as defined in the scientific community so that my work is admissible in court. The scientific community primarily consists of SWGDE, NIST, and the Department of Justice.

As a forensic audio and video expert, the types of cases I work on include both criminal and civil. To list, recorded evidence includes confidential informants, doorbell camera forensic audio and video enhancement, and law enforcement interview recordings. I also work on police dash cams and body cams. In addition, law enforcement digital media evidence closed-vision systems (CCTV) audio and video enhancement. Similarly, one of my passions is analog (VHS) or digital audio and video enhancement and restoration.

Al Zlogar, a forensic audio and video expert, is accessible via email, phone, and contact form for more information or to receive an estimate for forensic audio and video services.

Al Zlogar is a member of the Audio Engineering Society, the International Association for Identification, and follows SWGDE best practices.