Forensic Audio Analysis and Enhancement Process

In the following forensic audio analysis and enhancement example, you’ll hear that it is challenging to understand the voices in the recording. The before enhancement samples consist of unwanted noise and low-volume dialogue. As an audio forensic expert, I have the training to identify noise interference and use the necessary tools to help improve the ability to extract voice information from poor-quality audio recordings.

Forensic Audio Enhancement Services

Can All Audio Recordings Be Improved?​

The after-enhancement work product is more audible than the before enhancement. However, the voice information is still not complete due to noise cancellation technology. In its simplest terms, noise cancellation technology is the electronic device’s ability to mute the input sound to preserve quality. This can also be referred to as “gating” the wanted signal. In short, the equipment isn’t getting a loud enough signal to register, resulting in cut-off words. Similar to a butt dial. Following are more case samples of before and after audio enhancement.

In the samples below, you’ll hear that the voices are extremely low in volume and the amount of noise is high. To explain further, based on my training and experience, audio analysis and enhancement processing reduces noise and other unwanted sounds in the recordings. As a result, the dialogue is easier to understand.

To illustrate, I have included a variety of samples below from a recent investigation that had over two hundred hours of recorded audio dialogue. Because of the increase in electronic recording devices capable of recording conversations, litigators are receiving more recorded audio evidence. Additionally, with the rise in the quality of video surveillance equipment, I also receive requests for forensic audio and video enhancement of CCTV surveillance video recordings. These systems include doorbell cameras, nanny cameras, police dash, body cameras, and IP camera systems, to name a few. As long as there is a decent signal-to-noise ratio, all audio recordings can be successfully enhanced forensically.

How Do I Know If My Audio Recording Can Be Forensically Enhanced?​

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In addition to forensic audio enhancement, we also provide Forensic Audio Authentication Services.

Before and After Enhancement Examples

Busy Restaurant

Concealed Recording

Warehouse Dialogue

Confidential Informant

Conversation Inside a Vehicle

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