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Based in New York City, mega hours of audio and video recordings are in litigation. Al helps attorneys understand the purpose of their audio and video evidence. In addition, attorneys want to know the truth about the credibility of a recording. All investigations have options, and Al Zlogar, a forensic audio and video specialist, explains the pros and cons of each.

Specialties include:


Al is a LEVA Certified Forensic Video Technician (CFVT), a forensic audio analyst, with 10+ years of experience with recorded audio and video signal flow, which fueled his passion as an audio and video forensic technician. His interest in digital media expanded into forensic video enhancement, analysis, and authentication. His interest in media started in New York when he performed audio-reactive visuals for live audio performances. The experience of understanding vintage analog and digital equipment for each assignment helped me develop a deep understanding of signal flow.

He completed training from the following organizations:

  • Law Enforcement & Emergency Services Video Association International (LEVA)
    • Level 1: Forensic Video Analysis & The Law
    • Level 2: Digital Multimedia Evidence Processing
    • Level 3: Forensic Image/Video Compare and Contrast
    • Adobe Photoshop for Forensic Video Analysis
  • Medex Video Authentication Platform – Examiner Training (Source Identification and Video Authentication)
  • Amped Software
  • Axon Investigate (formerly known as iNPUT-ACE)
  • Resolution Video
  • Albert Zlogar, CFVT & Forensic Audio Analyst – Curriculum Vitae

Al helps attorneys and courts by educating them to understand the importance of working with original recordings. He also helps his clients recover original recordings from the equipment that created them.

He works with Medex Forensics Inc. as an independent contractor during his spare time. This work involves creating pre-defined exemplars from video recording devices. After the research, documentation, creation, and comparative analysis, the exemplar recordings are uploaded and contributed to the Medex Video Authentication Platform’s extensive Reference Library.

Additionally, he has trained at the University of Colorado, Denver, The National Center for Media Forensics and the Underground Producers Alliance . Al Zlogar Forensics Inc. is here to provide you with forensic video and audio analysis, authentication, and enhancement services.

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