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Clarification of Digital Video

With so many tools and applications available today, it is so easy to edit video directly from the device that created the recording. Devices that are capable of editing can alter the video which can cause complications for presenting the video recording in court. Al Zlogar is always expanding his knowledge of multimedia forensics through taking forensic video training focused on interpreting, analyzing, and clarifying digital video evidence to help him explain and present events according as they occured.

Mr. Zlogar’s goal is to help educate and present accurate information about the events that occur in video recorded evidence for attorneys, businesses, law enforcement, private citizens and private investigators in the legal system. Al Zlogar is a Certified Forensic Video Technician (CFVT) through the Law Enforcement & Emergency Services Video Association International (LEVA) organization and some of his forensic training includes:

  • Level 3: Forensic Video/Image Compare and Contrast (LEVA)
  • Level 2: Digital Multimedia Evidence Processing (LEVA)
  • Level 1: Forensic Video Analysis and the Law (LEVA)
  • MedEx Examiner – Forensic video authentication and video device identification through metadata and file structure analysis (MedEx Forensics)
  • Adobe Photoshop for Forensic Video Analysis
  • Digital Video Evidence Recovery – Extraction of video evidence from CCTV security systems (Resolution Video)

Video Evidence

Playback of video evidence can be misleading if it’s not showing the events properly properly. The following examples will display the events inaccuretly using the incorrect playback settings to match the original video…

  • Compression
  • Frame Rate
  • Aspect Ratio
  • Pixel Aspect Ratio
  • Encoding
  • Interpolation

Important Factors With Video Evidence

Video is a silent eye witness to an investigation and when everything comes together just right, forensic video enhancement/clarification can really help present the facts about the events that occur. Al Zlogar aids attorneys and law enforcement make the digital video evidence work for them. He helps attorneys save money by doing initial reviews to evaluate digital media evidence. Contact Al Zlogar Forensics by one of the methods below to receive information and a quote.

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